Young MMF2022

Madison, Wisconsin. 27 May 2022

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"Young MMF '' is an experimental format of MMF intended for graduate students and entry-level postdocs to have a chance to briefly (from 5 to 10 min) introduce themselves, their interests, and provide, if they like, their e-mail addresses to other participants of the Young MMF to foster further interactions.

The discussion of the topics of the MMF conference is also encouraged as well as the suggestions on future organization of the MMF events. Senior researchers are welcome to listen to the discussions, but are discouraged from commenting or interfering.

Confirmed Attendees (in chronological order)

Ka Ho Yuen (host)

Heshou Zhang (co-host)

Raphael Skalidis (co-host)

Avi Chen (co-host)

Ka Wai Ho (co-host)

Trung Ha

Siqi Zhao

Nguyen Chau Giang

Chiara Stuardi

Uliana Antsiferova

Dmitrii Vorobev

Mark Blumenau

Ilya Nikitin