The 2022 Midwest Magnetic Fields Meeting

Madison, Wisconsin. 23-26 May 2022

Thank you very much for attending #MMF2022

Recordings will be reading very soon.


The Midwest Magnetic Fields (MMF) series of meetings initially started as local Midwest event that has grown to become an international one. The event usually hosts ~100 participants from the USA and abroad. It features invited and contributed talks as well as posters. Discussion is an important part of the meetings. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we decide to conduct the MMF2022 meeting in remote format through Zoom.

What is MMF2022 about?

Usually the MMF meeting includes the following topics

  • Magnetic field measurements

  • MHD turbulence: theory, simulations and observations

  • Magnetized process

  • Cosmic ray acceleration

  • Dynamo and magnetic reconnection

You can find the links to the previous meetings here:

Confirmed Invited Speakers (In alphabetical order)

Dana Alina

B.-G. Andersson

Rainer Beck

Andery Beresnyak

Axel Brandenburg

Gianfranco Brunetti

Andreas Burkert

Blakesley Burkhart

Richard Crutcher

Laura Fissel

Priscilla Frisch

Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino

Marijke Haverkorn

Carl Heiles

Sebastian Heinz

Thiem Hoang

Martin Houde

Yue Hu

Hantao Ji

Olga Khabarova

Grzegorz Kowal

Alexei Kritsuk

Martin Lemoine

Hui Li

Siming Liu

Kate Pattle

Dmitri Pogosyan

Nikolai Pogorelov

Thushara G.S. Pillai

Mateusz Ruszkowski

Lorenzo Sironi

Raphael Skalidis

Le Ngoc Tram

Thomas Troland

Ethan Vishniac

Loukas Vlahos

Stefanie Walch

Siyao Xu

Farhad Yusef-Zadeh

Heshou Zhang

Siqi Zhao

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